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Product Customization as per your Need

Color-on Premium Spray Paint comes in plenty of options to suit your Quality viz a viz Price needs. Our products comes in different variants to suit your desired quality needs or if you are looking for a competitive product.

The various options listed below are self explanatory and you can choose from the variety of options that our product has. Each product / product quality is backed with out technical expertise for last so many years.

Super Acrylic Base

Only if you want PURE QUALITY


Best product developed by our R&D Team!

Acrylic Base

Best selling durable quality product

Most commonly used product

Available in both Glossy/ Semi Glossy & Matt Finishes

Nc Acrylic Alkyd Base

A blend of selected resins to give a sustainable quality

Good Durable Finish

If you are looking for a low cost solution

NC Base

Extremely low cost, but better than the rest quality

Better than the rest

NC base is still being used in our country. A cost centric product

Various components Color-on can be used on

Available Product Variants

Spray Paints are not only for touch-ups. They have a wide variety of other applications such as:

  • Protecting your nuts and bolts from corrosion using Anti-Corrosive Clear lacquer
  • Hiding those mould marks / defects from the recently moulded plastic dashboard or door trims
  • Covering up the edges of metal sheets using Zinc rich and Zinc bright sprays
  • Covering the left out primered area using our air drying primer
  • Repainting the Chrome plating defects through our air drying Chrome Spray

You may talk to our experts to get a solution for any defect related problem and we will try our best to provide a solution

Heat Resistant Paint upto 550 °C

To withstand temperatures upto 550°C, this product is a must for HR Paint Users. It’s air drying nature gives a convenience to touchup at any stage.

Anti-Corrossive Clear Lacquer